“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my reiki session with Melanie. I felt so relaxed and today I definitely feel more energised. I also enjoyed talking to her and her words seemed to make so much sense to me. I am so glad I have booked a course of four sessions and am looking forward to my next reiki treatment already.”

Aisling, Dublin

“Thank you for the wonderful Reiki treatment and the consultation afterward. The treatment was a relaxing experience and I could feel the energy flow all the time. Reiki is an amazingly powerful healing technique and I have decided to do my beginner Reiki workshop with you.”

Anna, Dublin

“I feel that the Reiki treatments and the conversations with Melanie have helped me to relax, to let go of old pain, to see more clearly where I am at and to be confident enough to take the necessary steps in order to change those things in my life I feel need changing. Thank you for making me a happier person.”

Grace, Wicklow Town

“It was my first time trying Reiki and I really enjoyed it. Melanie is lovely and creates a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Would highly recommend.”  

Eimear, Greystones

“If you are having difficulty overcoming a distressing situation in your life as I was, you need the gifted hands and intuitive ability of Melanie. I had a strong willingness to heal but lacked the much needed energy to stimulate the healing process. The calming safe environment, the essential oils blended with care to reach the depths needed to enable release, the intuitively chosen words that are remarkably insightful gave me peace, made me feel grounded – I felt lighter. I have had a number of sessions now with Melanie and each time she generously gives so much of herself. I am so grateful Melanie and I look forward to our next session.”

Pauline, Dublin

“While I was undergoing my chemotherapy treatment, I had weekly Reiki treatments with Melanie and I feel they have helped me to have a better quality of life despite the very aggressive treatment I was receiving. I had no pain, no nausea and no vomiting, and on some days I even felt strong enough to go for a walk or to the shops. I would highly recommend Reiki to anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment.”

David, Dublin

“I love Reiki treatments and, in the last year, they have become a very important part of my self-care programme. As much as I love my job, it can be physically, emotionally and mentally draining and I feel that Reiki helps me to do my job with love, care and focus while maintaining my own health and well-being.”

Anita, Nurse, Dublin

“I couldn’t have asked for a better Reiki teacher. What I particularly like is that Melanie teaches Reiki on a one-to-one level. After having done Reiki level one, Reiki level two, Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master with Melanie I feel ready and eager to start my own Reiki practice.”

Leah, Athlone

“I have been seeing Mel at Healing Well for a few months now. She is excellent as a therapist, intuitive, perceptive and empathetic. I would highly recommend Healing Well for anyone who wants to seek healing. Mel is amazing and a true healer.”

Lorna, Dublin
“I highly recommend Melanie. I’m going to her for Reiki treatments and it is a wonderful experience in every way. Such a lovely, skilled therapist. And I have also trained in Reiki one, Reiki two, Reiki Practitioner and Reiki master with her and she is a brilliant teacher.”
Anne-Cathrin, Dublin

“I have trained with Melanie about 2 years now, doing Reiki 1, 2 and latest the practitioner course with her. It is always a pleasure since she is so kind and generous with her knowledge and advice. I would recommend going to her for any treatment or Reiki training. It is a wonderful experience since it is one to one. Apart from Melanie sharing her long experience with her students, they also get plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss the course topics in details in a way it would not be possible to do if training with a larger group. I warmly recommend her therapy service and training courses.”

“I had the great fortune to meet Melanie a couple of months ago now in the unusual setting of a MacMillan Forum for bereaved spouses and partners. It’s not a forum anyone wants to belong to but it a haven for those of us who have lost our spouses/partners and need a community that understands. It became very clear to me by reading Melanie’s posts that I wanted to know this lady better and thankfully she felt the same about me and we have been communicating off the forum now for some time. Although I didn’t meet Melanie by finding her website, becoming her friend I have had the privilege to experience her kind and gentle approach to life itself and she has so graciously shared her knowledge not only of her own personal grief but that of her holistic working approach which her clients all benefit from through her Reiki, Aroma Touch Therapies and more, all of which are on her website. If you are going through any difficulties, no matter how big or small, feeling lost and uncertain in these very strange times we’ve all been forced into, then I can most definitely recommend you visit Melanie’s Healing Well website and get some help and guidance and light into your lives.”
Allison MacDonald-Smith, UK

“best ever, highly recommended. As part of my self-work with anxiety the therapist Melanie helped me out a lot to calm..”

“A very professional service. I really benefited form the Reiki and Mindfulness treatments I received at Healing Well. I would highly recommend and I look forward to visiting again in the near future”
Maureen, Dublin

“I have always found Melanie to be very welcoming and she puts you at your ease. Her treatments are very calming and relaxing.”

Margaret, Dublin
“I am not really the kind of person that sleeps very well unless I’m on holidays. But doing Reiki with Melanie releaves my stress levels and feels like a safe space to relax and sometimes I fall asleep. Melanie is great and is very in tune with her sense which makes her and excellent reiki healer. I am hoping to go back and see her after covid 19 lockdowns are lifted and we can go back to normal”
Laura, Dublin

“I can’t recommend Melanie and Healing Well highly enough. Such a wonderful experience doing reiki healing with Melanie. She was kind, patient and brought me a lot of light.”

Sarah, Dublin
“Excellent service and Melanie has the ability to really help people to make positive changes in their lives. Its her speciality, and I am very grateful that I have been able to experience the benefits of Melanie’s healing practice”
Aidan, Dublin

“My experience at Healing Well was amazing. I went to see Melanie for a couple of Reiki treatments and for the Aroma Touch Massage. And I tried in Reiki level one with her. I always felt absolutely fantastic after the sessions in her beautiful therapy room. The Reiki level one workshop was amazing and I particularly liked that it was one to one which gave me a lot of time to ask my personal questions. I would definitely recommend her.”

I have always wanted to try Reiki and had been told about how this can unblock energy that is trapped, some people experience a relief to pain they may have or can get upset when releasing some blocked energy.
My husband died earlier this year and so I thought Reiki might help. I therefore had three sessions here in the UK, one with the same person and one with a different person. Although all three times I felt very relaxed, that was really it. I didn’t think I’d try Reiki again, it wasn’t for me.
However while on a trip to Dublin I had a Reiki session with Melanie Leamy at HealingWell thinking I’d give it another go and I was expecting to just relax again for 45minutes or so at least.
The minute Melanie touched me I was transported back to the very last moments of my husbands life in St Anns Hospice. I broke down in tears that I felt were out of my control but in a good way, it was a real release. Nothing like this happened in the others sessions I had so this was really quite amazing to me.
I had faced various traumatic moments of the last week of my husbands life in bereavement counselling but somehow this very end moment I’d hardly allowed myself to go back to and I didn’t even realise that until in my Reiki session with Melanie.
I would have said before Melanie that Reiki isn’t for me. It’s relaxing but has no real purpose. However, now that I’ve experienced Reiki with Melanie I can now fully understand all those people who report similar experiences with it. I guess I can only say that Melanie must have stronger healing powers but whatever it was it was instant, not my doing, and very cathartic.
Thank you Melanie. You are obviously doing what you are meant to do!
If you’ve never tried Reiki before, I recommend giving Melaine a go for sure.
Allison, Manchester, UK
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