Living With Loss Programme

Living With Loss Programme

Whether you have recently lost your loved one or lost your loved one years ago, this program is designed for those who find themselves struggling with their grief feeling heart-broken, lost, lonely for their loved one, grieving for the future they are not going to have, scared of the future without their loved one, and wishing they could wake up one day realising that it was all only a nightmare. If you are stuck in a cycle of heartbreak, loss and fear, This program has been designed to provide you with the support, care, tenderness and tools you need to help you move through your grief.

Why I created this program

Living With Loss Programme

I created this programme because I know exactly what you are going through. I too have been stuck in that cycle of heartbreak, loss and fear after I lost my soul mate, husband and best friend to cancer. I felt very lost without my husband, was scared of a future without him and felt that without the right kind of help and support I would never be able to come out of the dark place I found myself in, let alone be able to move forward in my life. I knew though that moving through my grief and loss was exactly what my wonderful man would have wanted me to do. He would have wanted me to experience happiness and joy, even in a life without him.

Over time, I have found a way to live with the devastating loss and to move forward in my life and I want the same for you.

What is covered in the programme?

In the 6-months programme we use different healing modalities to help you move through your grief. 

You will learn how to move forward in your life despite the devastating loss you have experienced. You will learn to live with the grief and in a way that feels more manageable and is rooted in tenderness. You will develop deep trust that your loved one will always be part of you and you will feel a zest for life again. Our work will help you to heal through your grief and give a foundation for you to create your life after loss. 

The Reiki sessions during the first part of the programme help you to relax, to calm an over-active mind and recurring thought patterns, to weather the storm of all the different emotions associated with grief, to let everything that does want to come out be released and to let go of what is no longer needed. The Reiki sessions can be done either in person or over a distance. The support calls during that time are important to discuss everything that has come up in the sessions but also to help you because I’ve experienced a similar situation and can give you ideas on how you might engage with your grief.

After having experienced the purely relaxing, comforting and cleansing effects of Reiki in the first part of the programme, in the second part of the programme we use the Aroma Touch Massage with its 8 carefully selected essential oils which will be applied along the spine and on the soles of your feet to aid your body and mind into homeostasis and balance while also providing you with the necessary energy boost which, in part three of the programme, helps you to move out into and engage with the new world without your soul mate. Aroma Touch Massage cannot be done over distance but we can adapt the programme if we cannot do face-to-face sessions. The support calls during that time focus on what you have experienced during the Aroma Touch Massage and we explore together how you can take the first steps into your new life.

In the third part of the programme we bring in mindfulness meditation and gratitude practice which help you to live in the present moment with a sense of appreciation for what is and maybe even to feel gratitude for what you have experienced because, as painful as the loss of your loved one has been for you, it has also made you into the person you are today. In this part of the programme we also work on remembering the good times with your partner which helps you to see that your partner keeps on existing inside of you. During the support calls on this part of your journey we explore together what this new life may look like. This part of the programme can be done over distance.

During part four of the programme we craft out the personalised meditations that will support you in the weeks and months after the programme and you get these as download. For example, we may craft out a meditation which helps you to come into your body more, to calm an over-active mind or to centre yourself.

The topical and aromatic use of essential oils is a crucial part of this programme. Grief comes in waves. We need time to grieve and sit with the rawness of our emotions and we need time to diffuse the feelings when we need the strength to move forward as outlined in the dual model of grief by Margaret Stroebe and Henk Schut. At the start of the programme I supply you with 14 essential oils and an electric oil diffuser which will support your healing and we discuss the ones to use on each support call.

Since grief is different for everyone, we can always adapt the programme so there is more or less of a certain treatment modality.

And if you feel that you still need support after the initial six months of the programme, we can discuss the kind of support that would most benefit you going forward.

It is crucial that you think of this programme as a lifeline and not as a responsibility. To commit yourself to a six month long programme may seem long to you right now, but from personal experience and the work I have done with many clients for many years I know that having this support every week for six months will really help you to navigate this very painful time in your life.

After having worked together in this way, you will feel that the pain of your loss has become more manageable and rooted in tenderness, that a life after loss is possible and that missing your soul mate every single day and moving forward in your life is no longer a contradiction.

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