Reiki For Chronic Pain

Reiki For Chronic Pain Introduction: Reiki for chronic pain Many of the patients who seek out my service are chronic pain sufferers and, when they come to my practice, have been living with their pain for a long time, have been on pain medication for years, and are still suffering and feeling pretty hopeless because …

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Chakras If you’ve ever taken a yoga or meditation class, had an energy healing session like reiki, or just watched online videos about those subjects, you’ve no doubt heard about chakras and the role they play in the flow of energy in your body. You may have also learned that it’s important to keep your …

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Honouring Grief

What is grief? Grief is the heart’s natural response to loss. We have to honour our grief and journey with it. “When after heavy rain the storm clouds disperse, is it not that they’ve wept themselves clear to the end?” —Ghalib Human life inevitably brings gain and loss, joy and sorrow. Grief is one of …

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