Care for Cancer Patients

Care for Cancer Patients

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and are finalising your treatment plan with your consultant, have been going through cancer treatment for a while, or  have completed your treatment and are either in remission or have been told that there is nothing more that can be done and it is palliative care from here on in, this program is for you.

If you are looking for emotional and mental support as you are going through this tough time, I am here to help.
The medical system is a harsh environment to be in. It’s about medication, examinations, scans, tests, and consultations. The medical staff seem constantly under pressure and lacking time and sometimes empathy for what you, as a cancer patient, are going through.

Our modern healthcare system has a lot to offer to fight cancer, but leaves a lot to be desired especially in the space of needing connection and support emotionally and mentally while on this very difficult journey. This is why, even when you are getting excellent cancer treatment, you can still feel very much in need of care.

Why I created this program?

I created this program because I know that as much as you need the medical treatments to fight the cancer, you also need emotional and mental support, gentle and compassionate care, a safe place where your fears and concerns can be heard and understood, and a place to grieve for having lost life as you once knew and loved it.

During our long journey with prostate cancer, my husband and I were very fortunate to meet mostly very caring, compassionate and supportive consultants, doctors and nurses. However, I know that we were lucky in that regard and that for many patients staff shortages, too much time pressure on staff, rigid following of cancer protocols and a lack in empathy lead to a feeling of being left alone.

As a holistic therapist I know how important it is to be cared for holistically, taking the person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being into consideration. I also know that very often the best treatment results are achieved when, in addition to medical care, patients get holistic treatments too.
My aim with this program is to offer what is so often missing in our medical system and give you the emotional and mental support you so much need.

How does it work?

There are a lot of emotions that come with critical and especially terminal illness, and there isn’t a lot of space and support for you to work through this in our medical system. However, having the space and time to work with and move through all those emotions now is important because it allows you a better quality of life as you experience the deeply relaxing benefits of a range of holistic therapies, as you talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe space, and as we find a way to create and maintain the shifts in your life that you desire.

The program is a combination of the healing touch of Reiki and talk therapy combined with elements from Mindfulness Meditation practice.

Reiki is a natural, holistic, healing practice that is safe and simple to use in conjunction with any medical treatment. It is both non-invasive and non-intrusive. Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the physical body in a few basic hand positions. You can read more about the many benefits of Reiki here.

The healing touch of Reiki supports your physical, mental and emotional well being. It allows you to enter a deep state of relaxation as you let go of physical tension, often brought on by pain or discomfort, and of thoughts about your situation. The gentle touch helps you move through all the various side effects of living with cancer. In more scientific terms, healing touch decreases the Cortesol levels in your body. Cortesol is your stress hormone. When Cortesol levels are lowered, your heart rate decreases, your blood pressure decreases, the immune system is more able to do its work, and less pain and discomfort are experienced. At the same time, healing touch increases the level of Oxytocin, which is the hormone that makes you feel cared for, secure and more anchored in yourself. Healing touch also increases the level of Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that basically acts as the body’s natural antidepressant. Together The lowering of Cortesol, the increase in Oxytosin and the increase in Serotonin have shown to have a strong feel-good and pain relieving effect. The touch can be gentle or firm and will depend on your preference.

During the talk therapy you will have plenty of time and space to explore your fears and concerns regarding your treatment and the future, your relationships with family and friends as they are accompanying you on this journey, and how you could create positive shifts in your life right now. During the Mindfulness Meditation sessions, we will explore how the practice of mindful breathing can help you to stay calm in the face of all the uncertainty.

During the two-months program we will be working for two hours per week, one of which will be the Reiki/healing touch and the other the talk therapy/mindfulness meditation. Should you wish to do the program but are unable to come to my clinic in Monkstown, I am more than happy to come to your house. The program will benefit you no matter where you are on your cancer journey and make this tough time easier for you.

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