About Melanie


Hello, I’m Melanie. I’m glad you’re here.

I was born in Braunschweig, Germany, in May 1982.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a great passion for holistic healing methods and complementary medicine. This passion first led me to Reiki and I went through my training as a Reiki practitioner and teacher while still in school, and although I did other training after graduating from school, I always had my own practice for Reiki. 

I had already learned autogenic training as a child, but when I was a young adult I decided to train as a teacher for autogenic training so that I could pass this technique on to others in my practice. It was the same with mindfulness meditation and the training to become a mindfulness meditation teacher a few years later.

In 2010 I followed the great love of my life to Ireland. It was there that I encountered doTERRA essential oils and, after several years of witnessing and learning about their incredible effects on body, mind and spirit, I began to incorporate them into my work with clients; Finally, I learned the AromaTouch technique, a special massage technique to promote healing and balance in body, mind and soul.

When I received craniosacral therapy for the first time, I was totally blown away by its wonderful effects on my body and mind and knew that I wanted to learn this healing modality and incoperate it into my work. I still haven’t completed this training, but I am already including many elements of Craniosacral Therapy into my work with my clients.

In May of 2018, I lost my beloved husband and best friend to cancer. After a few months of learning to live with my grief, I began training as a doula or certified end of life companion with Living Well Dying Well in the UK because I wanted to help the dying and their loved ones during the final months, weeks or sometimes only days to experience a peaceful and dignified death. I now specialize in grief and bereavement support, support for cancer patients before, during and after treatment, and family caregivers.

In autumn of 2022, I relocated to Germany. I work on the palliative care ward of Marienstift Hospital in Braunschweig and in private practice.

I am the author of the book “When To Love Means To Let Go” in which I share my experience with true love, with accompanying a loved one on their cancer journey, accompanying a loved one in death and with life as a young widow.

I am also the host of the podcast “Healing Well” and a co-host of the podcast “A Life to Die For.”
My sincere wish is to help as many people as possible on their journey through this life with its joys and sorrows, its opportunities for growth and change, and into becoming who they truly want to be.

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