About Melanie


Hello, I’m Melanie. It’s so lovely to connect with you.

Learning how to move through grief, illness and the big transitions of life can be lonely and confusing at times. I’m here to offer support so you don’t have to do it alone.

I am here to offer you a safe space to let go, to rest, to relax and to find the peace that coming home to yourself brings, whatever challenges you may be facing.

I have always been passionate about holistic ways of treating physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual illnesses and blockages. This passion lead me first to Reiki, then to Mindfulness Meditation, to Aroma Touch, to massage and eventually to becoming a death doula.

As a Certified Medical Reiki Master with Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International and Medical Reiki Ireland, I am qualified to accompany patients before, during and after surgery and other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

With Reiki and the Aroma Touch Technique, I address a wide range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

As a passionate Reiki teacher, I guide my students on a one-to-one basis from beginner to advanced level.

Energy Healing is fast becoming a recommended must-have complementary therapy by mainstream medical professionals and so I offer training for medical professionals such as Nurses, Doctors and Carers to help them with their own personal struggles with the challenges of their roles but also in the hope that, after their training, they will carry their knowledge and experience into their workplace and incorporate this healing modality into their patient-care protocol.


During the 4-week Mindfulness meditation workshop my patients learn the sacred art of pausing and coming home to themselves and to the present moment.

After the amazing results I have had with the practice of gratitude in my own life, I developed my program 28 Days Of Gratitude where I teach my clients about the power of gratitude practice and how to use this practice to bring the things they most want into their lives.

After having been the carer for my late husband Paul and after having gone through bereavement following his death, I developed the six months program Living With Loss for people who are going through grief and bereavement following the loss of a loved one.

I decided to specialise in grief and bereavement support, support for cancer patients before, during and after treatment and support for caregivers following a number of very difficult years in my personal life. I was my husband’s caregiver during his struggle with an aggressive form of prostate cancer and I experienced the heart-break of grief and bereavement following his death. Over time and with the right support, I have found a way to live with the loss and to move forward in my life and to smile again; and it was then that I knew that what I really wanted to do was to help you to do the same.

Please visit the individual sub-pages for more information on how I can help you.


Health benefits of working with me:


To promote healing on a physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual level;


To support people during the hardest, most challenging situations in their lives;


To reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm and, instead, to experience a deep feeling of relaxation and inner peace;


To enter a safe environment where you can be absolutely yourself.
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